Man, Check Out All the Updates Lately!

June 3, 2010 at 11:43 am (Dog)

I’m on a roll!

Here’s the offending burning “tree” before I hit it with the clippers. Yes, the burning bush had not been trimmed in about 5 years and had grown in this monstrosity (on the far right). This pic was taken a couple months ago, and it had grown very full of leaves (and a couple robin’s nests) and even taller than it was in this pic:

And after:

There may be no coming back from that trimming, we’ll see. My neighbor assures me that I didn’t kill it. Let’s hope so.

Speaking of neighbors, I have a 90 year old living to my right, and her daughter (who I’m guessing is about 65?), who looks freakin’ awesome and is in great shape. Anyhoo, she came over when she saw me cutting that thing down and helped me tie up all the limbs and haul them back behind the garage. She’s been so great and so helpful. Much more helpful than my own brother who lives with me! I came home the other day and she was weeding my hosta. Love that neighbor!

And here are my hydrangeas just blooming away. They’re small but they’re gorgeous.


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