Man, Check Out All the Updates Lately!

June 3, 2010 at 11:43 am (Dog)

I’m on a roll!

Here’s the offending burning “tree” before I hit it with the clippers. Yes, the burning bush had not been trimmed in about 5 years and had grown in this monstrosity (on the far right). This pic was taken a couple months ago, and it had grown very full of leaves (and a couple robin’s nests) and even taller than it was in this pic:

And after:

There may be no coming back from that trimming, we’ll see. My neighbor assures me that I didn’t kill it. Let’s hope so.

Speaking of neighbors, I have a 90 year old living to my right, and her daughter (who I’m guessing is about 65?), who looks freakin’ awesome and is in great shape. Anyhoo, she came over when she saw me cutting that thing down and helped me tie up all the limbs and haul them back behind the garage. She’s been so great and so helpful. Much more helpful than my own brother who lives with me! I came home the other day and she was weeding my hosta. Love that neighbor!

And here are my hydrangeas just blooming away. They’re small but they’re gorgeous.


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Memorial Day

May 29, 2010 at 7:06 pm (Dog, Weekend)

Yay for long weekends! This one started out good so far. I took Mojo up to the trainer that saved him to meet a new friend. Her owner was supposed to be bringing her up from Columbus today to meet Mojo and see how they got along.  She’s a 2 year old Boxer/Bulldog mix and so cute. But, they never showed. Oh well, not a total waste of time, Mojo was excited to see Chuck (the guy that saved him) and he had a nice big yard and lots of dogs to play with. He had a pond too, so he swam for a while. It was a gorgeous day so it was nice to be out in the sun with all the dogs.

So after I got back home I put together my hammock that I bought last year and Mojo found a good spot underneath me and we took a little nap under the big tree.

Now I’m just cooking up some dinner. I got my first CSA bag of the season on Friday. Had lots of good stuff in it and so fresh. I’m looking forward to seeing what I get every Friday. I took some pics and since I’m not doing much knitting lately, I figured I’d post my weekly CSA goodies up here. I really like the idea of being able to buy fresh, local produce and not having to spend every Saturday at the Farmer’s Markets. They are fun, but I just don’t get the chance to go every week.

I took some updated pics of the yard so look for another post with the CSA bag contents and updated yard pics soon!

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Christmas-y Stuffs

January 4, 2010 at 2:10 pm (Dog, Santa-mas)

Here are some Christmas pics. I forgot my camera at the Lights at the Zoo, so I had to use my BlackBerry, hence the crappy quality. Wylie was less than thrilled to hear I left it in the car 😦 Ooops.

He hates me…really.

L to R: Amanda, Kara, Wylie, Ben, Katie, Matt, Me, and Molly – the annual “cousins” pic.

Kara and Wy freezing at the zoo lights.

And that was Christmas.

I have no pics from New Year’s cause I stayed in. I was dog sitting. I fell asleep cuddled up on the couch with the dogs and woke up just in time to see the ball drop. It was a good New Year’s Eve 🙂

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Holly-days and Randoms

December 7, 2009 at 1:19 pm (Dog, House, Santa-mas, Thanksgiving)

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I know I’m a bit late 😉 I decided to forgo the long drive, traffic, and family fight this year and stay home alone. I had some Thanksgiving nachos around 4pm, it was great. LOL

So still plugging away at the house. Didn’t get much done except the leaves the past 6 weeks. Every weekend. Leaves. Leaves. Leaves. I have 2 HUGE Elm trees in my backyard so it was quite a job. But, of all the things I have to do in the yard, I enjoy raking the most. It helps that my neighbor is super cool and we chat while we work. She always tells me I’m doing a good job and she’s proud of me (I require a lot of encouragement LOL).

This week I’m dog-sitting. I like dog sitting. Its fun, easy, and making some extra cash around the holidays is always good.

Here’s a pic of all 3 of them cuddling up while we watched some crappy MTV (they have cable! I was so excited! I stayed up way too late watching Jersey Shore and True Life!)

Mojo tends to stay away from the other 2, he’s not real impressed with the baby especially.

So in between dog sitting I made some cookies. While I was shopping I saw this. It made me laugh.

My Buckeyes turned out great this year but boy what a pain to dip all those things. My kolachi were a bust. I couldn’t find my recipe so I used one online. It was awful. I always have issues with proofing yeast. I swear I’ve never gotten yeast to work correctly for me. And I made some thumbprint cookies with the cherries in the middle. Those taste great, but I accidentally melted the butter while trying to soften it. So they spread out like crazy. They don’t look pretty, but they taste good. I’m going to re-attempt the kolachi and thumbprints this weekend.

Some more random pics I found on my phone:

Its ridiculously drafty in my house. See below (click on them for larger):

That’s how he sleeps…all wrapped up in a cocoon.

He’s the best snuggler:

He sits and stares at me with his nose on my lap until I invite him up to snuggle, then he falls right asleep. So happy 🙂

So my next big project in the house is to start that yellow room that got all wet last winter when the roof leaked. I got the stuff to fix it…I hope. Then I need to paint and re-carpet. I decided to hurry up and start that project cause I’m really missing my knitting. I haven’t knit anything in a year now 😦 All my needles and yarn and books are still packed up and stored in that stupid room. Also, I really really really hate yellow. I’m tired of seeing it.

No Santa-mas decorations this year. Still packed in the garage. I have to go the day after and get all my stuff for next year. If I’m lucky I can find my cards and at least get those out this year, since I skipped last year. Seems like there are just never enough days in the month of December. I haven’t even started shopping yet. Come to think of it, I gotta go! I need to get on!

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For the Love of Bob

September 18, 2009 at 4:00 pm (Dog, House, Weekend)

Its not like I’m SO BUSY I can’t update my blog my friends, I’m just lazy! Let’s see… what’s up?

Mom came out last week and helped me paint the dressing room upstairs. Looks good! It’s almost done now! A friend from work hung the cabinet behind the toilet in the bathroom last night, so now I can finish up the bathroom. It needed some storage badly. I have way too many hair products.

Moo hasn’t ripped up the carpet again…thank goodness.

I had a date the other day…it was good 🙂 I’ve ended the self-imposed dating strike. We’ll see how that goes for me. Who knows, the strike could be on again as early as next week….

Wylie refuses to come out here and help me with my house. But I still love her anyways. (I hope you read this and feel guilty!)

I am going to Toledo next weekend and taking Wy apple picking…cause I’m a nerd…and I love apple picking!

This weekend I get to babysit my friend Scott’s daughter. She’s 3 months old and such a cutie, I’m so happy 🙂 I love little babies.

Hmmmm…what else is going on?

I love my Blackberry. Seriously, don’t get one…so addictive. I find myself waking up at 3am just to make sure that I haven’t had any new emails or that Kerri hasn’t IM’d me in the middle of the night LOL

Oh! Duh! Most important! Jodi’s baby is due tomorrow! Don’t know if its a girl or a boy but I can’t wait to hear 🙂 I talked to her today and she’s slightly dilated, but nothing yet. Hopefully she doesn’t have to go too far past her due date. Her son Aiden turns 2 next week – he’s getting so big!

Ok now all caught up? I think so. Hopefully next post I’ll have some cute pics of Wy and I from the apple orchard. Maybe some of my new dressing room too. I got some Ikea furniture to help me organize my make-up obsession. It looks good and I love that I can find everything now.

Ok I’m outtie. Leave a comment…seriously!

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I hate Mondays, and evidently so does my dog

July 20, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Dog, House)

When I left for work this morning, I left my good, sweet dog behind, just like every weekday.

When I came home, he didn’t come to the door, which immediately means “Mommy, I did something bad”.

Then I found this:


Sorry about the crappy quality, I had to use my camera phone. But, that would be my living room carpet after I cut off all the fuzz that he shredded.

Evidently evil puppy was here while I was at work.

Now he’s sulky puppy:


I’m sure the neighbors got a good laugh at me chasing him around the back yard. He doesn’t come when I’m angry with him. (Not that it happens very often). I chased him upstairs, into the office, out the back door, back upstairs, then I gave up and grabbed his collar, which came off, so I grabbed him and dragged him over to me. I showed him the carpet and he looked at it and I said “bad dog! baaaaddddd!” and he started shaking and dropped his head. It was so cute and I was so mad but I couldn’t help but laugh at him looking so pathetic. Glad I can instill fear in the heart of someone lol.

I wanted to get rid of the carpeting, I just was planning on waiting until I had some money to do it!

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July 8, 2009 at 11:57 am (Dog, Weekend)

As usual. Maybe my New Year’s resolution should have been to update this thing once a week. Sorry, but my life isn’t that interesting. If I’m not posting you can assume I’m doing the usual: feed the dog, do laundry, clean house, grocery shopping and I don’t feel the need to tell you all about it because I don’t want to lose what few readers I have left!

So, this morning has not gone well.

I woke up late. Threw my hair in a ponytail. Set my BlackBerry on the corner of the sink, grabbed my eyeshadow and knocked my BlackBerry into the sink while accidentally turning on the water at the same time. NOT GOOD. So, now its drying out by the window. It wasn’t working when I left. I don’t have insurance on it. Its 2 months old. I will kill someone dead if I have to pay full price to replace that stupid thing. So here’s my blogland question for you all:

Did anyone happen to take advantage of the Verizon Buy One, Get One Free on BlackBerry’s a few months ago? Cause I’d love to buy your free one (cheap)!

So then I got on the road to work, and my usual 25 min. commute took like 40 minutes because the “Tumblebus” (I have no idea) broke down in the middle of the construction area. Not to mention that its ALL construction area right now. And, I didn’t have my handy dandy BlackBerry to entertain me while I was sitting there.

Ok, so what else?

Oh, um, 4th of July was fun! I went to my Aunt MaryAnne’s place. She has a little farm, alpacas, horses, a pond. It was cool out (like 70 degrees) but it was still fun. I wanted to swim but it was a little too chilly. But Mojo swam for hours, he loves the water. Unfortunately I have no pics cause my camera battery died and I can’t seem to the find the charger right now (I swear these things just grow legs and walk off). Plus, I got to see my cousins who were in from Phoenix and Chicago, which is awesome. And after seeing them I have come to the conclusion that I really made a huge mistake when I didn’t go into Teaching. Having summers off is like the best career move ever.

Ok, back to work, I have tons to do before Friday gets here.

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Weekend Fun

February 16, 2009 at 5:00 pm (Dog, Weekend)

So I decided to leave my headache of a house behind this weekend and take a Valentine’s Day trip to Toledo to see Wy. I took Mojo with me. He LOVES riding in the car. I’m not sure why. He stays awake for like 10 minutes, then he falls right asleep. He was really good at my mom’s and they seemed to like him, he’s an easy dog to like, he’s so good.

Wy and I spent Valentine’s Day making dinner at home and watching some movies, it was relaxing. We went to the mall then to the grocery store to get stuff to make dinner, and we were sitting at a light, and a bird dive-bombed the car and bounced off the windshield. It was pretty funny, but I guess you had to be there! Also, I opened the shades to the patio door cause I was gonna take Mojo out and he ran right into the glass. That was pretty funny too, but only because he was ok!

Here are some pics of Mooey (Mojo) from the weekend. He was chewing his Nylabone in two of them, he doesn’t always look so weird.

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Thank Goodness That’s Over!

February 4, 2009 at 3:52 pm (Dog, House, Weekend)

Wow. Its been a quite a week.

To start with I got really sick on Wed. of last week. That made moving absolute hell. Thankfully I have awesome friends who all showed up and got everything done. It was freezing cold and it seemed to take forever but it all got done. Thankfully my mom ended up coming out with Wylie. She spent the whole day cleaning the old apartment after we packed the truck. I’m glad she did cause we were beat and there’s no way I would have gotten it all done afterwards. She also unpacked and cleaned and organized the whole kitchen at the new house. I wasn’t much use on Sunday. I mostly laid on the couch and moved some furniture around, but I was feeling really crappy.

Mojo came on Monday. He’s been such a good dog so far. I stayed home trying to get over this infection on Tuesday, so today is the first day he’s been alone all day, but I’m not worried.

On Sunday I woke up to a miniature waterfall in the master bedroom downstairs. Seems that little roof leak that I was aware of was a little larger than I had hoped. Its also leaking in the walls. I called the roofer that I had the quote from and they proceeded to tell me that there’s not a lot I can do until Spring comes. Guess its just common in those houses. Unfortunately, that little problem is going to cost me money (the roof is paid for, there’s money in escrow), but I need to re-drywall, new insulation, and a new ceiling now. Oh how I need a handyman!

The water heater is banging like there are shoes in the dryer. I called the home warranty people. Its not covered. Just kill me now. Its sediment build up. Evidently a common problem. So it needs to be flushed. Now…I just have to figure out how to do that.

I need to make some plumber friends asap. Maybe some frywalling friends too. And an electrician wouldn’t hurt.

I don’t want a house anymore. I’m broke.

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Wow Its Freakin’ Cold

January 16, 2009 at 10:20 am (Dog, House, Weekend)

I tried to start my car this morning. On the 5th try it started. It made a horrible sound. I think it was saying “bitch, please!”. I looked at the temp and it was -10. Poor car. I promise I’ll have a garage for you soon!

I really wish I could go see my dog this weekend. I just don’t know what to do with him for 3 hours. I can only spend so much time with him at Petland. And I can’t bring him back to the apartment. And its waaaaay too cold to be taking him to the park. I guess I’m just going to have to wait to see him till I move 😦

More packing this weekend. Mom comes out next weekend to help me finish up. I just found out my neighbor is moving out the same weekend I am. He lost his job so he’s moving back to Columbus. Things suck. I hope they get better soon. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my job and had a new mortgage to worry about.

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