Memorial Day

May 29, 2010 at 7:06 pm (Dog, Weekend)

Yay for long weekends! This one started out good so far. I took Mojo up to the trainer that saved him to meet a new friend. Her owner was supposed to be bringing her up from Columbus today to meet Mojo and see how they got along.  She’s a 2 year old Boxer/Bulldog mix and so cute. But, they never showed. Oh well, not a total waste of time, Mojo was excited to see Chuck (the guy that saved him) and he had a nice big yard and lots of dogs to play with. He had a pond too, so he swam for a while. It was a gorgeous day so it was nice to be out in the sun with all the dogs.

So after I got back home I put together my hammock that I bought last year and Mojo found a good spot underneath me and we took a little nap under the big tree.

Now I’m just cooking up some dinner. I got my first CSA bag of the season on Friday. Had lots of good stuff in it and so fresh. I’m looking forward to seeing what I get every Friday. I took some pics and since I’m not doing much knitting lately, I figured I’d post my weekly CSA goodies up here. I really like the idea of being able to buy fresh, local produce and not having to spend every Saturday at the Farmer’s Markets. They are fun, but I just don’t get the chance to go every week.

I took some updated pics of the yard so look for another post with the CSA bag contents and updated yard pics soon!


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