3 Days of Mulch…and Not Much Else

May 18, 2010 at 1:17 pm (House, Weekend)

So last weekend I got a load of mulch dropped off. Man that shit is expensive! $35 just to deliver it! WTF! I need to buy a truck asap. So I took Friday off work and started weeding, then spraying weed killer, then laying down newspaper (its supposed to help with the weeds), then mulching…all by myself. And on Sunday night I was finally done. My legs hurt. My feet hurt. My back hurt. I begged Matt to take out the trash for me cause I couldn’t make my poor wrists lift any more bags. We fought. He finally did it.

Anywho, I found some before pics and I took some after pics so here we go.

This was the front of the house before.

This is the front of the house after. Now keep in mind thatΒ  this is a work in progress. That front bed is like 8’x12″ or some crazy shit. I (haha, more like 2 guys from work) pulled out the bushes and the ridiculous amounts of irises and day lilies that were growing there and my idea is to plant half of that bed next summer, and seed the rest to extend the lawn. That bed is just way too big for anyone to keep up with the weeding, mulching etc. I didn’t throw grass seed this year because there were SO MANY weeds (seriously, one I pulled had an 18″ root), and I’m not trying to see my new lawn full of weeds and iris and day lily bulbs that I missed pulling out. That’s a ridiculously overgrown burning bush on the far end. I’m gonna tackle that thing soon, I’m swear. The dogwood needs to be trimmed too, someday.

On to the side yard. More weeds, more lilies:

And it now looks like this:

Much better, don’t ya think?!

Here’s the side yard:

Um, yuck!

Here’s the after:

I haven’t decided what else I want to plant there yet. Those tiny little hostas are so tiny cause I split the other ones to make more. See, I’m crafty like that…and broke. LOL I did get 2 azaleas (see the little pink flowers on the front one?) for half price. Go me.

Here’s the back bed right outside the back door:

Sadly I don’t have an “After” shot of that. Maybe I’ll take one tonight. But picture it with a little purple azalea in the corner and a hosta by it…with lots of mulch. Again, this bed is freakin’ huge. I plan to grow grass over half of it next year. I need to have a few yards of soil dropped off at my house, but I found out they wouldn’t bring it with the mulch and wanted to charge me the delivery charge AGAIN. So the soil is waiting till next year. I have to re-grade the back of my house cause it sits lower that the yard at this point and all the water is flowing towards it. Sheesh.

So that’s it for the yard for this year. I have A TON left to do, but seeing how expensive everything is it’s gonna have to wait! My little hydrangea that I planted last year is looking really good so far. I’m definitely going to pick up a few more of those when they go 70% off at the end of the season. They’re my favorite.

Not much to report on the inside of the house. Been busy working on the outside since it got nice out. Oh wait I lied. I did re-do the living room. I forgot about that, I should take pics. Its not done, but its repainted and somewhat decorated.

Next up I need to re-stain the deck on the front of the house. Its getting all weather beating and sad looking. I’m going to paint the railing white, I think it will look nice against the house now that you can see it and those nasty bushes are removed. I’m thinking about getting some cute little shutters too πŸ˜‰

Hope you are all well! Thanks for checking in!



  1. Wylie Bick said,

    Awwww see this is why your my sister. So i can watch all ur life steps and cute decorating ideas….and then steal them when I move out. =) Love you good job!!….Matt- u suck at life. :)-

  2. dandelionpicker said,

    Yes Matt sucks. Everytime I ask him to do something it’s “I pay rent”! I don’t f’ing care! Take out the trash you lazy MF!

    PS-Next year you’re mulching. Cause you love me. And you don’t want me to have to spend 3 days doing it alone. It would take 2 or 3 of us a few hours!

  3. Wylie Bick said,

    Good well mom can be the other “2”….she’s good for it πŸ˜‰ Do i look like a mulcher?! Don’t u have any guy neighbors?? U wear the low cut vneck and I’ll grab a skirt n the mojitos πŸ™‚

  4. Aunt Mary said,

    I am so impressed!!! You do good work, it’s in your blood. Where u have lots of shade try Heleboras perenial. You’ll really like them. Miss u, hope u can visit & we can share ideas. Love ya!

  5. ekgheiy said,

    You go girl!!! Martha ain’t got nothin’ on you! πŸ™‚

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