How I Know the Universe Hates Me

March 1, 2010 at 3:25 pm (House, Rants, Weekend)

So, I haven’t blogged much but I have been super duper busy. I spend the last month or so fixing up the office. For those of you who don’t remember, here’s what it looked like before:

Don’t adjust your monitors, it was seriously that bright yellow 😦

Last year when I bought the house, the roof was leaking in this room, which explains how it quickly turned into a storage room for the past year while I finished up other areas of the house. I got a new roof right after I moved it and had no more water issues since.

So I (yes, all by myself) plastered the ceiling where it had leaked, plastered the wall where it had leaked, and painted the whole room and changed out the electrical plugs and hardware on the built in closet. It looked like a whole new room.

On Sunday morning I got up and was going to spend the day moving the furniture back in and unpacking the book boxes.

Not so fast.

Enter evil universe laugh *here*

I went in and looked at the beautiful new walls and there were 2 large, grapefruit size water pockets on the wall. I started crying. Then I poked them. Water gushed out. I shoulda grabbed a towel first but I was pissed and took it out on the wall. Then I pulled at the two big water balloons, now deflated. And they peeled right off the wall, along with the bright yellow paint beneath, and the plaster. Now it looks like this:

Evil wall. I hate that wall. I hate that previously beautiful room.

Here’s my previously done ceiling patch. You can tell its wet cause its discolored. You couldn’t tell where the patch was before.

Evil ceiling.

Don’t mind my nasty nails, it was from pulling the paint and plaster off the walls in a rage.

See where its not so opaque anymore there between my fingers. Stupid evil ceiling.

And my evil wet rug.

I hate home-ownership just incase anyone was keeping score.

House 10-Jenni 1

Ok Universe. I’m broke, are you happy!?!? Thank you thank you thank you for waiting until I spent all my tax refund on other bills to let this happen, I seriously appreciate that the most. So the insurance company has been called and is cutting me a check (minus my large deductible of course), and the roof guy is up there scraping all the ice away (which is the problem, not the roof, evidently). The roofer guy is putting heating cables in my gutters so this won’t happen again next year. *fingers crossed*

Stupid universe. Anything else you wanna throw at me? You better knock it off. You know I stress out easily.

So I spent Sunday peeling the walls and crying on the couch. I’m feeling better now…kinda.

Leave comments…and send cash! Thankyouverymuchiloveyou.


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