Christmas-y Stuffs

January 4, 2010 at 2:10 pm (Dog, Santa-mas)

Here are some Christmas pics. I forgot my camera at the Lights at the Zoo, so I had to use my BlackBerry, hence the crappy quality. Wylie was less than thrilled to hear I left it in the car 😦 Ooops.

He hates me…really.

L to R: Amanda, Kara, Wylie, Ben, Katie, Matt, Me, and Molly – the annual “cousins” pic.

Kara and Wy freezing at the zoo lights.

And that was Christmas.

I have no pics from New Year’s cause I stayed in. I was dog sitting. I fell asleep cuddled up on the couch with the dogs and woke up just in time to see the ball drop. It was a good New Year’s Eve 🙂



  1. ekgheiy said,

    O My Goodness! He is just way too cute in his little sweaters. 🙂 Wait a stinkin’ minute … where are his knitted sweaters???? *sigh* Baaad knitter. 🙂 hahahaha…

  2. dandelionpicker said,

    I know. I haven’t been knitting at all lately. All my knitting stuff is still packed from the move…last year! LOL I’m working on getting my craft room done next!

  3. Darlene said,

    I just LOVE those sweaters!! He is just precious!! What a good sport he is!

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