July 8, 2009 at 11:57 am (Dog, Weekend)

As usual. Maybe my New Year’s resolution should have been to update this thing once a week. Sorry, but my life isn’t that interesting. If I’m not posting you can assume I’m doing the usual: feed the dog, do laundry, clean house, grocery shopping and I don’t feel the need to tell you all about it because I don’t want to lose what few readers I have left!

So, this morning has not gone well.

I woke up late. Threw my hair in a ponytail. Set my BlackBerry on the corner of the sink, grabbed my eyeshadow and knocked my BlackBerry into the sink while accidentally turning on the water at the same time. NOT GOOD. So, now its drying out by the window. It wasn’t working when I left. I don’t have insurance on it. Its 2 months old. I will kill someone dead if I have to pay full price to replace that stupid thing. So here’s my blogland question for you all:

Did anyone happen to take advantage of the Verizon Buy One, Get One Free on BlackBerry’s a few months ago? Cause I’d love to buy your free one (cheap)!

So then I got on the road to work, and my usual 25 min. commute took like 40 minutes because the “Tumblebus” (I have no idea) broke down in the middle of the construction area. Not to mention that its ALL construction area right now. And, I didn’t have my handy dandy BlackBerry to entertain me while I was sitting there.

Ok, so what else?

Oh, um, 4th of July was fun! I went to my Aunt MaryAnne’s place. She has a little farm, alpacas, horses, a pond. It was cool out (like 70 degrees) but it was still fun. I wanted to swim but it was a little too chilly. But Mojo swam for hours, he loves the water. Unfortunately I have no pics cause my camera battery died and I can’t seem to the find the charger right now (I swear these things just grow legs and walk off). Plus, I got to see my cousins who were in from Phoenix and Chicago, which is awesome. And after seeing them I have come to the conclusion that I really made a huge mistake when I didn’t go into Teaching. Having summers off is like the best career move ever.

Ok, back to work, I have tons to do before Friday gets here.



  1. ekgheiy said,

    Sorry to hear about your Blackberry! 😦 … Try rice thing I mentioned on FB. I know what you mean about posting frequency. I haven’t posted on as much on my own; I also haven’t been knitting a lot lately and to post about my other life stuff would just be depressing. *bleh…

    I look forward to posting more, but until then – every three weeks or so will have to do 🙂

  2. kara said,

    i’m pretty sure you didn’t go into teaching because you really don’t like kids ALL that much. but you’re correct, wonderful career choice for me 🙂 and it was fantastic seeing you as well!!!!

  3. Darlene said,

    I soooo wanted to do that but, Lori wouldn’t let me. Said I was to clumsy to have a Blackberry and she didn’t want one. SHe never txts and she says I shouldn’t ever have one since I have been known to text and drive….I know I know…..I’ve stopped now but, I guess I would be tempted again if I had a Blackberry. Plus I’d be online reading your blog now. lol

  4. dandelionpicker said,

    Best invention ever! I love it its so addicting!

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