Better Late Than Never, I Guess

June 11, 2009 at 10:27 am (House, Weekend)

Look! House pics!

Ok, so I don’t have them all, but I hope to take some more this weekend. But, here are some before and afters for your viewing pleasure!

Here’s the KITCHEN.

Before – note the black ceiling, hideous dark red wall, old beat up dirty folding doors (ok you can’t see them in the pic, but I swear they were there), gross yellow curtains


After – light gray walls, WHITE ceiling, ugly gross curtains gone.


To Do – Paint cabinets white, get new countertops, get an island so I have some room to work, wood flooring throughout bottom floor of house, oh, and find some new curtains!


Before – Seriously ugly orangy red color that was giving me a headache, dingy white trim, seriously cute doggy in the corner!


After – Pretty light grayish purple walls, bright white trim!



To Do – New wood flooring, pretty white crown molding, oh, and fix that piece of wood on the stairs where we kicked out the ugly open bookcase


Before – Dirty dark yellow paint (its hard to see how dark and ugly it was in the pic), filthy floor with playdough, mascara, and nailpolish on it, yucky curtains that I swear had never been washed


After – Gorgeous greenish blue color walls, new bedding, CLEAN floors (thanks mom!)


To Do – Hang the curtains I bought (I totally forgot), look – I made the bed for this pic!, get some art for the walls


Before – EWE there’s that yellow color again! and dirty dirty dirty! Did this girl EVER clean!?


After – Clean and white!


To Do – Needs art or something, huh? Get rid of the gross green runner.


Before – Dark green, dirty, need I say more?


After – Clean, light gray like the kitchen, (ignore the bright yellow room in the background!)


To Do – Wood flooring, hang photos
Ok! I think that’s it for now!

Next up we are going to rip the plaster out of the walls in that yellow room. They got soaked when the roof leaked. I had the roof fixed, so now its time to redrywall. That’s going to be my office.

Mom’s been working in the yard a little for me. I hate yardwork. I’ll get some outside pics up soon, I’m swear!


*THANKS to my mom for all her HARD HARD HARD work! There’s no way I would have gotten all this done in years!



  1. ekgheiy said,

    NICE WORK!!!! You inspire me to get crackin’ on mine. If only I had the funds … *sigh*

  2. Yo Sista said,

    Good job on the house! And thank your for snagging mom for the week to help you. Nothing like a little free time. And Im surprised she didn’t cry when she painted over your orange colored living room.

  3. marie said,

    I must really like you because this is the first comment I have ever posted!
    The house looks great- I love the colors!!! I’m really impressed with all of your work! The built ins and things make the house really charming. Let me know if you need any help.

  4. michelle said,

    jen, it all looks so nice and bright and CLEAN! when did we both turn into nana with the cleaning? seaking of turning into nana, nice array of pillows on your bed!

    but wow it’s amazing how much work you’ve done i’d love to come visit and see it for real…

  5. Darlene said,

    It is beautiful! I love the colors and the cham of the place. It looks like it has a lot of character. I’m sure you’re very happy there. Great investment! Plus it helps when you get around to retirement age….you can actually do so because your house will be paid for and you won’t have a rent payment some place.

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