Completely Overwhelmed!

April 27, 2009 at 8:50 pm (House, Rants)

Ugh – homeownership SUCKS!

I have so much to do and I’m officially out of money.

My grass is full of dandelions in the front yard. I barely have any grass in the backyard cause the previous owner ripped out all the overgrown bushes and reseeded, but did it too late in the season. So basically I have big brown patch, and a small green yard. It looks pathetic.

I still don’t have any cold water pressure in the kitchen sink. A friend of mine was supposed to be coming to fix it, but hasn’t made it here yet.

The electrical outlets are so loose they’re falling out of the walls. Nice job with the inspection there, buddy! My mom was here a few weeks ago and was drying her hair in the downstairs bathroom and blew a fuse…twice. That’s not a good sign.

I would love to have my friends over to hang out at some point, but its 90 degrees in my living room because the front storm door is all glass and the previous owner didn’t leave the screen insert – WTF?! Even if she did, the door doesn’t close all the way, so its fly city in my house.

The back storm door doesn’t close either, and there’s no screen at all, so there’s no way I can leave it open.

I’d love to invite my friends over and hang out in the dirt-laden backyard to avoid the 90 degree living room (yes I have AC but its April!)…but I have no where for them to sit. I need some patio furniture. Do you know what patio furniture costs!? Good god man!

Painting? No I haven’t done anymore painting. Seriously, I have to prime every room in this house to get rid of the black ceilings and dark red and dark green walls. I don’t even know where to start. I should probably finish the bathroom first huh?!!?

Oh, this is just the beginning of my problems. My home inspector SUCKED and they will be getting a nasty letter from me soon!

So yea, what the hell was I thinking when I thought “I’ll buy a house, I can handle it”…”UM NO YOU CAN”T STUPID – YOU’RE ONLY ONE PERSON ON ONE SALARY”.

Oh, and then my damn insurance company denied my allergy shots (which I called to make sure were covered BEFORE I started them) and the doctor sent me a bill for $1600…I wrote them back and told them if they could find $1600 they could have it. I told them they better recode that shit and rebill it if they want to get paid!

I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep now. I hope I’m feeling better about this whole experience soon cause I can’t take much more of this!



  1. ekgheiy said,

    Oh no, I’m so sorry for all of this. For what it’s worth, you’re not alone. The only thing that gets me through my house woes is accepting that it’s *always* a work in progress. It’s possible on one salary; unfortunately, it just takes way longer to get anything done – especially with curve balls thrown at you. 😦

  2. said,

    BREATHE!! You can do it!

    One project at a time. Small steps. Prioritize.

    There’s so much shit we need to do at our house, you have no idea.

  3. Darlene said,

    I agree with Tina…..The rule of thumb for homeowners is that you never get ‘projects’ finished until the house is paid for or you decide to sell it .

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