I Got Something Done This Weekend!

March 23, 2009 at 4:06 pm (House, Weekend)

I’d love to show you pics, but I’m not totally finished and I don’t want to ruin it. I guess I could do “in progress” pics, but I think I’ll just wait till the final reveal. I worked on the upstairs bathroom this past weekend. It looks so good, I’m really impressed with myself! I even hung the new light (took me forever to try to wire it and hold it up there all by myself)…same goes for the new medicine cabinet. But it looks awesome, I’m really happy with it so far. And I love the color Nancy and I chose. She’s my decorating guru at work. She can envision things…I can’t. She did great with this one! So, I still need to do the trimwork and the ceiling and hang some towel bars. Also still need to do the shelving project. I’m debating over the beadboard. I would really love to do it, but I don’t have all the tools I need. It may be a project down the road when I get bored with the bathroom. Pics coming soon!


1 Comment

  1. ekgheiy said,

    Can’t wait to see!!! 🙂

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