Thank Goodness That’s Over!

February 4, 2009 at 3:52 pm (Dog, House, Weekend)

Wow. Its been a quite a week.

To start with I got really sick on Wed. of last week. That made moving absolute hell. Thankfully I have awesome friends who all showed up and got everything done. It was freezing cold and it seemed to take forever but it all got done. Thankfully my mom ended up coming out with Wylie. She spent the whole day cleaning the old apartment after we packed the truck. I’m glad she did cause we were beat and there’s no way I would have gotten it all done afterwards. She also unpacked and cleaned and organized the whole kitchen at the new house. I wasn’t much use on Sunday. I mostly laid on the couch and moved some furniture around, but I was feeling really crappy.

Mojo came on Monday. He’s been such a good dog so far. I stayed home trying to get over this infection on Tuesday, so today is the first day he’s been alone all day, but I’m not worried.

On Sunday I woke up to a miniature waterfall in the master bedroom downstairs. Seems that little roof leak that I was aware of was a little larger than I had hoped. Its also leaking in the walls. I called the roofer that I had the quote from and they proceeded to tell me that there’s not a lot I can do until Spring comes. Guess its just common in those houses. Unfortunately, that little problem is going to cost me money (the roof is paid for, there’s money in escrow), but I need to re-drywall, new insulation, and a new ceiling now. Oh how I need a handyman!

The water heater is banging like there are shoes in the dryer. I called the home warranty people. Its not covered. Just kill me now. Its sediment build up. Evidently a common problem. So it needs to be flushed. Now…I just have to figure out how to do that.

I need to make some plumber friends asap. Maybe some frywalling friends too. And an electrician wouldn’t hurt.

I don’t want a house anymore. I’m broke.



  1. Kara said,

    Just for the record … you are related to an electrician. He is your uncle. Just FYI

  2. xppinkx said,

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